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Gym Kids Gymnastics           
The Home of past, present and future state champions

Rules and policies

Gym Kids, Inc. is committed to providing the best learning environment for each and every student. The following "Rules & Policies" are written to indicate the enrollment periods, customer conduct, and assure efficient management so that each child can receive safe and effective instruction. 

Monthly tuition payments are due by the 20th day of the previous month. Each payment covers one month regardless of how many classes fall into that month. The occasional 5th week of the month will count as a make up toward holidays that fall on week days. Students will not be allowed to class with overdue tuition.

Preferred payment method is the monthly electronic payments  from your bank account to the Gym Kids, Inc., account. The E payment set up needs to be done with your bank. You will need Gym Kids, Inc.’s banking information, and the date of withdrawal. Our usual payment methods are still available: cash, check or money order. Penalty for returned checks is $35.

Tuition payments for classes are paid monthly and there is no commitment to stay enrolled. If for any reason the family decides to discontinue a class, please email GymKidsInc@gmail.com by the 20th of the previous month. Tuition will be charged if we do not receive your withdrawal notice by this date.     

We do not offer credit and/or refunds for cancelled classes due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather or any other reason. Gym Kids, Inc. does not issue refunds.    

New students may sign up at any time during the year, and receive a pro-rated tuition fee for the balance of the current month if there is an opening. Gym Kids, Inc., is unable to guarantee availability of a child's space without payment!      

Students are expected to attend their weekly scheduled classes. As a courtesy we allow one make–up per month. You must contact Andrea by email at Gymkidsinc@gmail.com before your child’s scheduled class to inform of your child not attending to receive the make up class. Make-up must be scheduled within four weeks of the missed class. There are no make-ups for missed make-up classes. No credits or refunds will be given for classes not made up.   

For hygienic and safety reasons, bare feet, stockings and street shoes are not allowed in the gym. Each student must wear clean, white gymnastics shoes for class. No jewelry, hoop earrings, jeans, belts, buckles permitted. Hair must be tied away from the face. The gym's cold weather temperature is set at 65 degrees. In cold weather children should wear sweats over their leotards. Warm-up gear may be removed as necessary. Gym shoes may not be worn outside. Valuables and other items should not be brought to class. Gym Kids Inc., is not responsible for any lost/missing items.                                            

Classes will start and be dismissed on time. For your child's safety, do not drop-off or pick-up students more than 5 minutes before and after their class. Please have children gather for class in designated student waiting room area. Gym Kids instructors are unable and can not accept responsibility for children who are dropped off early and not picked-up on time (unless it is previously arranged by the parent).

Food, drinks and gum are not permitted in the waiting room or in the gym. 

Parents and Visitors are generally distracting to young children in class and interfere with instruction. Parents will remain in waiting area and refrain from making any communication with children during classes. For safety reasons, (1) Do not attempt to communicate to your child while they are in class; (2) Siblings are not permitted in the instructional area at any time; (3) Children are not authorized to play in the gym or on equipment before or after any class or party.    

For the privacy of our students and their families, no photographing and/or recording is allowed on Gym Kids, Inc. premises. The use of electronics are not permitted for students during class time, to include cell phones.  

Gym Kids, Inc. reserves the right to cancel a student's membership at any time. Disruptive and / or potentially dangerous children will be removed from class until they are able to safely participate.    

Office Hours by appointment or email questions to Andrea at GymKidsinc@gmail.com. Please do not attempt to conduct business during class hours with instructors. Mail box may be used for dropping off payment and/or correspondence. Gym Kids, Inc. reserves the right to change Rules & Policies, tuition fees and / or schedule.